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Godspeed Tracks,

No Blues Any-More

We Had the Sky

Nothing Dies


Music of Life

First Sight

Holding Light

Running Time 22:05


This hauntingly memorable track surprises the listener with sudden changes of pace. It conveys a picture of raw emotions in a mind struggling in its fight against life’s banal confusion. The voice breaks through loudly to remind the listener to reflect and re-grasp their inner soul. Listening to the track you cannot fail to conjure the images that the voice conveys. Whilst listening you will explore how natures sounds are eroded by the mechanical, the technological and the downright evil of modern life.
There is a central theme of love that is savoured until finally the love is lost to a myriad of soul-destroying interlocking, everyday interruptions. This piece is thought provoking and speak differently to each individual listener. It allows you to reflect on your own life journey and the frivolous encounters which tear you from your passions, talents and desires.


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