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Free Resources For Introduction To Design Class

This is your first resource pack for the Introduction Design Class. These items are free to use to create your designs using the techniques you have learnt’ We will be uploading more resources as we develop your skills. So remember to bookmark this website. 

Click on the files to download to your computer.  The files will download as a ‘ZIP’ file.  Once they are downloaded, find them on your computer and ‘right click’ on your mouse. This will show a drop down menu on your screen. Select ‘Extract all’.  This will create a new folder on your computer. You can save it to wherever you like. You can then open the files to show the images. 

Contained in the pack are: Backgrounds, flowers, cute animals clipart, Bows and Lace elements.  These will be used to show you how to make your first designs ready to sell. 

Introduction to design class: Resources Download

Project Lessons: Part 1 Download